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Useful Tips To Crack Your Job Interview

Appearing for interviews is quite emotional, along with excitement it brings anxiety and some stress also. Here, we bring you few useful interview tips to prepare you for your important day:

1. Prepare your resume way in advance –

 Don’t wait for an interview call to draft a resume. Keep a draft prepared always, even when you haven’t received any interview call but are expecting one soon. Keep your resume short and to the point – you are being called for interview, to meet in person and discuss.

2. Research about the company you received an interview call from –

Always learn about the company you are going to appear for an interview in. This reflects your seriousness towards seeking a job in that company.

3. Prepare for basic interview questions –

 Once you have received the interview call, it is always advisable to prepare for basic interview questions which you are expecting. Like – what are your strengths and weaknesses? Why you want to work for our company? Are you flexible in travelling, hours? Etc.

4. Practice basic fluency & more confidence in the language you choose to speak in the interview, Hindi or English –

 When you talk in the interview, it is very important to sound confident in your language. Whatever language you are more confident in, you must convey to the interviewer about it and try to give your interview in that language. Comfort always increases your confidence.

5. Brush up your basics –

A day or two prior to your interview, make sure you revise your technical knowledge and skills you have mentioned in your resume.

6. Punctuality –

Reaching on time for your job interview is one of the important factors, whether or not you will get the job. Even if you perform brilliantly during the job interview, not reaching on time might spoil your chances of getting the job as it will make you look unprofessional.

7. Self-presentation –

 Dress up for confidence. Usually formal clothing is preferred for appearing in a job interview. But make sure the attire that you wear is washed and ironed. Your attire as well represents how professional you are.

8. Know the expectations of the company from the job description –

 Once you receive the interview call, make sure you ask for a brief job description from the company, in case they don’t provide you with one while informing you of your resume shortlisting. This will help you in knowing what the company expects from you, and which will further help you do well in the interview.

9. Stay self-motivated –

Staying self-motivated always boosts up the confidence and reflects your positive attitude while you are appearing in an interview.

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Career Tips To Prepare You For The Best & Worst Situations In Your Job

All of us dream of having a perfect career, and it takes a long time to get into the perfect job where we are reasonably satisfied with an interesting job profile, good company and good salary package. We bring you few essential career tips which will prepare you for the best and also for the worst in your journey as a professional:

1. Take the job opportunity as and when you get –

 When in college we all have our fantasies, quite inspired from a few of our college seniors placed in some company. But the reality is often different. It is always better to take up a reasonable job opportunity soon after you pass out from the college. Avoid having a gap between your college completion and getting your first job, just in expectation of landing up in your dream company or job. This gap in your resume will create a negative impression in your CV.

2. Keep a realistic approach towards salary expectation –

 Especially freshers, or even the experienced one’s build up a high expectation of salary packages with many zeros. To keep up the balance with your expectation, doing market research on what salary packages are being offered to the kind of work experience you have, really works. It helps you act more realistically and practically when you are doing salary negotiation with the company.

3. Take initiative for your job search and don’t wait to be spoon fed –

 If you have a placement cell in your college and you think getting a job for you is 100% their responsibility, therefore you don’t need to worry about doing a job search on your own, you are wrong. You need to network yourself alongside that, and be active in finding a job for yourself. Don’t wait to be spoon fed, instead help yourself.

4. Learn the key skills that were not taught in college –

The professional life is pictured somewhat differently while we are in college. We are shown only the glamorous part of working in an office. In college they don’t teach you everything which is in routine required while you are working. Take up classes or read about important professional attributes like Time Management, e-mail writing skills, presentation skills, etc. These skills will help you later when you are working to manage many situations and also help you remain at the frontline in your team.

5. Explore early and don’t be afraid of mistakes –

 At times when we are in the beginning of our career there are possibilities that we may make mistakes in terms of not taking suitable job for ourselves. Be a little easy on yourself and don’t be afraid of mistakes as it will give you good lessons and make you better decision makers ahead. Don’t take your mistakes too negatively and explore early.

6. Don’t expect overnight success –

Everything takes time to build up. So will your career. Even if something may look as an overnight success, in the background lot of hard work and time has been invested.

7. Respect and respond to the time and efforts of others helping you find a job –

 It is very important to be considerate of someone seriously helping you to find a job and do not take their help, too casually. Remember we often get good jobs through references and our good rapport with others in the industry.

8. Stay positive even to the rejections –

 Rejections are never the end of anything. It is just the beginning of a new start. So, don’t be demoralised or judge yourself on the basis of rejections in job applications or job interviews.

9. Apply for as many vacancies as you can –

 When you apply for jobs, work on probability. It is quite possible that you may send your job applications in 50 companies and receive a call only from one company for the interview. Continue to apply for as many vacancies as you can for the probability of receiving as many interview calls accordingly.

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Effective Resume Writing Tips

Companies refer to the resumes throughout the hiring process, to know more about candidates, whether they might be a good fit in the organisation or not. There are many commonly used resume styles. Here are a few key resume writing tips that will help you draft your resume.

1. Short & Simple resume -

Your resume should reflect your basic and professional education, experience and relevant skills along with contact details (mobile number that is in use and your email ID), general family details (name of your father and mother), marital status, gender, your PAN number and AADHAR number as ID proof. Avoid making your resume too long.

2. Language and vocabulary in the resume – 

Keep the language of your resume simple, and the vocabulary should be easy to understand.

3. Avoid falling in the trap of resume building consultants & agencies – 

There are many formats available now on the internet. Search and choose the most suitable one from there and draft your resume. Many agencies and consultants charge a very high amount to make a resume. Don’t fall into their trap. It is definitely a waste of money. Although your resume is the first step towards getting the job in a company, it is not the only thing that will guarantee you a job.

4. Basic formatting of resume –

 Keep the format of resume simple and readable. Don’t show all your designing skills on your resume. Simple resumes give a good professional impression of the candidate.The resume should be easy to read.

5. Proof read your resume before sending –

Before you press the send button in your email while applying for a job, make sure you read and re-read your resume 3-4 times. At times we might spell something incorrectly or frame a sentence wrong or miss to put any important information about ourselves which can be the job requirement. It is always a good idea to invest few more minutes on proof reading the resume and then sending it.


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