How it Works – Employer/Consultants

1. You need to make your profile (either for company or the HR department or individually) on the website, to start with. You will     have to Register for the same. There is NO FEE for this.
2. This process takes less than one minute.
3. You can add as many office addresses as you like – e.g. if you are a finance company and have 10 branches in 10 different     cities, you can add all the 10 branches. This will help you in sharing job locations quickly and easily in future.
4. If you have multiple businesses in different sectors, or you are a consultant, you can select multiple industries.
5. After that you can start creating jobs. Creating/posting a job takes less than a minute (especially on a desktop/laptop) as all     data is multiple choices.
6. When you are posting a job, you need to select the industry the jobs are in. If you are willing to take candidates from other     industries also to widen your choice, you can select from Other Industries.
7. Once you have created a job, candidates matching the profile are sent the information by SMS (they can also login and view     the details)
8. Candidates can also search for the jobs by location and Department/Designation/Post and apply to you directly (this is a paid     service for the candidates).
9. In creating the jobs, you have the option to ask the candidate to get in touch through email, phone or walk-in.

Job Deactivation: Jobs will get deactivated after 60 days. You can always reactivate the jobs. Candidates will get SMS only about     the activated jobs. You will be able to send the SMS only when the jobs are activated.

10GenJobs Advantage: We do follow a very different method than all other Job Sites, as we use Artificial Intelligence to match     the candidate profile to the job that you have posted.

IMPORTANT: Once you create a job you cannot change/edit it at all. Also, please note, that we do not take CVs from the     candidates. We do not share the salary budgets with the candidates.

VERY IMPORTANT: It is very important that you create the Designation/Post very carefully. This should be representative of the     work profile and industry. For example, if you just write Operations, which could be very different in a Manufacturing company     or a Trading company or a Bank. This can get you lot of applications which may not be relevant at all and a waste of your time.     If you do not find any appropriate Designation/Post in the list, please fill the Contact Us form or WhatsApp at 9818 254851.

Candidate Search: Soon the candidate search option will be available to you. This is a paid service.

FEEDBACK: Please do share any feedback with us either through the Contact Us page or through WhatsApp.
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